About us

Local and National

Carers Trust is Britain’s leading provider of support for carers and the people that they care for. We are a national network of charities employing over 5,000 trained professionals nationwide and working with over 35,000 carers to help them make a life outside caring.

There are some 6 million people in Britain who care for others. Many of them reach a turning point, a “crossroads”, at which they feel they need help…..where they may simply need a break or more regular support. This is what Carers Trust does and the core of what we offer in Mid Yorkshire.

Not for Profit

As a charity we care for people not for profit. No-one cares more than Carers Trust, not just in the scale of what we do or in the 35 years experience that we have, but in the special way that we think about care.

Our Carer Support staff are not here today and gone tomorrow. They love their work and their training and long experience means that they understand what carers, and those they care for, need and feel. They know the simple things that really matter, they do the hard jobs with a smile and they take pleasure in fitting into family life.

It is no surprise that our staff build long and trusted relationships and that more carers and people with care needs turn to Carers Trust for support than to any other social care provider.

Staff and training

We are rightly proud of the extensive training that we provide to all our staff. We can only continue to provide the highest quality service by ensuring that all our staff receive the training that they need.

You can be satisfied that:

We ensure staff have regular training updates throughout their employment with us, but we also identify other areas of training that will enhance staff skills and ultimately provide better services. We provide training around specific conditions such as Dementia, Stroke and End of Life Care. Staff can also be trained in specialised tasks to meet the needs of the individuals that they work with, this can include, amongst other things, artificial feeding and the giving of emergency treatments.

All our Carer Support Workers have, or are in the process of completing their NVQ 2, NVQ 3, or Diploma in Health and Social Care.

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