Children’s Services

Carers Trust Mid Yorkshire provides full support for carers of children with disabilities.

At home

We provide one-to-one home based care in the home, to give parents/carers a break from their caring responsibilities. Our staff will take over your role and carry out any care tasks that you would normally do and provide activities and stimulation suitable for your child which they may need and enjoy.

Regular support allows you time away from your caring responsibilities. However, one of the main things that people tell us is that they can dedicate quality time to their other children without the focus being on the child with a disability. In some situations it allows parents to go out and focus on their own personal relationship which often suffers without support.

We will provide support to siblings, however, this is subject to health and safety requirements and may mean that more than one support worker will be required.

In the community

We also provide one-to-one care outside the home, helping children with disabilities to access activities in the community which may develop and enhance their skills, abilities and confidence.

All activities are subject to health and safety requirements but any request that you make will be given consideration.

Specialised Tasks for Children

Our Children’s services have expanded and we have worked closely with health professionals to develop the skills of staff who work with children. Many parents have to undertake what are termed, ‘medical tasks’ for their children. It has therefore been important that our staff are trained appropriately to undertake these same tasks, otherwise the parents would have no way of accessing a break.

If you would like any information about our services for children please contact us on 01484 537036 or email


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